The joys of retro games

The latest game consoles are very impressive when it comes to graphics and sound. In fact, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were actually watching a movie. You need a complete team of programmers, graphic designers, musicians and producers, along with a lot of money to create the incredible images that we see in today’s console games. However, I would like to ask the question: What about gameplay?

Personally, it has been difficult for me to enjoy the game consoles after PlayStation 2. Being a fan of fighting games, I instantly attracted the game on a PlayStation 3 in my local gaming store and therefore ended up buying one. Jumping over Amazon to buy some PS3 wrestling games, he was anxious to start the battle with the new and improved fighters in all their graphic splendor. After spending a reasonable amount of time (including updates on virtually all games) I was beginning to wish I never bought the PS3.

The graphics and sound were successful, there was no discussion there. However, I instantly hated the gameplay. The huge combination of gamepad controls was a nightmare to remember, just to make several sophisticated moves. Not only that, but the season mode was gone so I couldn’t just sit there enjoying the stories and hitting the wrestlers one after another. It was bad enough that I had never heard of many of the new fighters and I was looking forward to controlling Hulk Hogan or SGT Slaughter.

Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2 was among my favorite games on the PS2, so I was expecting the third installment. In the first two games, you can easily replenish your energy and heal all wounds with a single ration pack. However, the company decided to do it “more real” by making the player undergo a series of treatments for each injury that your character Solid Snake received, and you still had to take your ration packet to replenish energy.

The games of yesteryear were more entertaining, since you didn’t get distracted by the sophisticated visuals and the more you left your imagination. You can lose hours playing Pacman while trying to get over your highest score. The text-adventure games would let him emerge in a world described only by text descriptions, forming the world in his imagination and making him the main character of the game, and feeling more involved.

In my opinion, gaming companies seem to be more interested in the fantasy visual effects of games than in gameplay. I tried to play these Hack and Slash games and found them bored after a while. Yes, the graphics are excellent, but all you do is cut and trim, watch a sequence of scenes and then re-cut and trim. Long-lasting scene sequences seem to be part of many modern games to last longer. Not bad if there is an option to skip it.

Shooting a character in the older games was quite docile. Without blood and spilling guts, the characters simply disappear into the air after an intermittent flash. However, there were later games that became more violent as the gaming companies decided to make violent deaths more real, giving players the most realistic blood and blood desires.


Although the most recent consoles strive to make games look more like movies to please today’s audiences, the joy of retro games is becoming increasingly popular as young and old players discover the tourist attractions such Simple but highly addictive games. A time when games really end when the player is left with no lives instead of continuing from the last point, no matter how many times you die. The need to return to the game to overcome your highest score and put your name on the High scores table… Eeh, they don’t know how they were born today.